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Artist Statement

The technology to which we are exposed inhibits our potential for evocative interactions and experience of places. We are bombarded with stimuli – visual, audial, and all else in between – to which we struggle to form impactful responses. This thesis investigates the human potential for creating meaningful memories through sensory interactions. I constructed 3-D imageries of three natural sceneries and explored the connection between the sensory stimuli and our response to them. Within my design interest light, colour and movement plays an important role thus, they were used to establish a gateway for the audience to become one with nature, through engaging and creating their own connection.

Progress – Project 2

Following on from Project 01, I experimented with adding light to my exhibition, beginning with reflecting mini-projectors through the layered acrylic against white backgrounds. Upon feedback, I decided to create LED lights and attach them along the side of my wooden base display. After careful thought, I decided to use white fluorescent LED lights, rather than multi-coloured ones, as this will detract from the colour imagery which is associated with each of the natural spaces. My intention is to encourage the audience to infuse the exhibition with colour, from their episodic memories of the sea, mountain, and desert. Audience can enrich their sensory experience of the design pieces by infusing it with colours commonly associated with each natural scenery e.g. blue for the sea.




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Sensory experience – of or relating to sensation — something that you feel with your physical senses.

Stimuli – a place, memory, image or event that evokes a physical or psychological reaction in a human being.

Response – a reaction to something: the reaction may be visible or invisible, and emotional or physical.

Inner space – geographically, the region between the earth and outer space, or below the surface of the sea. In relation to human beings, the inner space is our internal centre of emotions, where we process and reflect on experiences.

Mindfulness – the process of being physically and psychologically attentive to the present moment. Mindfulness can also be thought of as focused attention on what’s happening now.

Synesthesia – Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which a person experiences “crossed” responses to stimuli. This happens when one sensory pathway (hearing) receives a stimulus, but is not alone in responding to it.


free of poisons, toxins, chaos and concern

untouched by the damages of the world


the act of living unconsciously in one’s ideal life;

to sleep and to see (at the same time), all that you are, all that you could be


a diversion from the familiar realities of life; an interruption of reality;

living in a time machine;

to fail to experience the moment;


to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge through discovery;


to represent an imitation from recollection;

to paint a picture, with the mind a canvas, and the memory a brush.


a journey with no end, to a destination that does not exist;

a hope that cannot be achieved in reality

Oasis –

a peaceful space in the desert of life;

a place to rest in the middle of struggle

Pure –

that which is unique, clear, and powerful enough to strike the soul;

the state of being unmixed…in emotions, goals, desires, and wellbeing;

freedom from anything that damages you.

Stare –

filling up the eyes with images that stir the soul

to fix one’s gaze on a vision, intently and intensively


the knowledge that you are an “I” – a human “I”


the sound of nothing; the presence of everything;

both a barrier and a bridge to communication;

the solution to all problems;

where the impulse to create begins


a desire to know, to feel, to be

an occurrence that breaks the boundaries of our knowledge