I have chosen to design a zine based on skulls. This is a topic of interest for me, and notably, for some other individuals. Skull symbolism differs from society to society, but some of the common meanings it has include – death, protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom and guidance, overcoming death, surviving through a difficult […]

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Words of Wisdom

Creating this design, I did some research online to come up with ideas of how to communicate my design ideas to the wider audience in an interesting and direct way. Over and above researching the library for books, I scoured the online web for interesting and inspiring ideas. This yielded a lot of ideas, but […]

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Pop Up, Book

Final Photographs  Reflection About I chose this story not least because it is an event that has occurred in my lifetime, but also for its hard-hitting implications. In the Middle East and Arab culture, hitting someone with a shoe is considered a supreme insult. It means that the person is even lower than the shoe, […]

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DIA AZZAWI : retrospective

Designing promotional printed piece that reflects on Dia Azzawi’s retrospective exhibitions currently displayed at Al-Riwaq gallery and Mathaf. The printed piece will work as a mailer, hand-out piece to inform the public about the exhibitions and encourage people to visit. I began the creative process by exploring Dia Al-Azzawi’s persona and professional works, and sought […]

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Title Sequence – Reflection

I chose Batman as the film for my project because I love experimenting with shadows, light and fabric. I felt that this film would be the perfect context within which I could experiment with techniques related to the above during filming. My initial storyboard combined digital illustrations and filming. This did not work, as I […]

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Print Manual

Task 001 In the first project Insert we could only use black and white through greyscale option. We started with learning the use of adobe programs Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign that will guide us to the final print package. For every program we are using, we must get rid of the swatches and keep the color black C=0, […]

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